Pre-Conference Masterclasses

8:30 AM - 9:00 AM Masterclass Day Registration

Masterclass A

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Mobile is the new normal. Winning your customers over mobile moments

You are going down the digital transformation pathway and you realise how much mobile can play an incredible role. But so often you find you have miles to go to enable the “1-click, 1-second” customer experience. This session will provide practical tips on how you can better utilise mobile as a customer contact channel.
•Why mobile and how can it bring up your CSAT and NPS scores?
•What are the “moments of truth” during mobile interactions and what do they mean to your customer contact strategy?
•How do you integrate mobile into your digital customer contact strategy?

Masterclass B

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Unveiling strategic insights for your business through quality metrics

Chris Rainsforth, Senior Customer Contact Specialist, The Forum
Quality metrics have long existed in contact centres yet often they are not fully utilised to understand how performance can be improved strategically. This masterclass is carefully designed to dig deep into the benefits and implications of different approaches and learn about the critical factors to consider.
Incorporating practical case studies, you can apply the key learnings straightway to help you determine what approach to develop in your own operations and how to drive improvements.
•Examining the benefits and implications of different metrics and approaches
•Which metrics are the most suitable for you: What are the critical consideration factors?
•Focusing on the specific real-life challenges in applying metrics to improve performance
•Discover how to transform contact centres through effective quality metrics

Chris Rainsforth

Senior Customer Contact Specialist
The Forum

Masterclass C

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Deploying data insights and business intelligence for increased performance and customer experience

Companies have increasingly turned to business intelligence and analytics not simply to understand how the business is performing and why, but also to figure out where and how to improve customer experience and loyalty.
•From “Descriptive” to “Prescriptive” and “Predictive” analytics
•Key steps to create more profitable customer engagement
•What are the potential barriers and how to overcome them?
•What are the effective tools that can be deployed

11:00 AM - NaN:NaN AM Morning Coffee Break

Masterclass D

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Balancing self service and the human touch

Self-service is quickly emerging as the preferred customer service channel especially for younger generation customers. However, offering the human touch when required is a critical balancing act!
•Driving the right kind of contact with powerful self service tools
•Designing self-service strategy focusing on ease of use for a frictionless experience
•Developing the right skills for assisted service strategies to connect with customers and guiding them through complex issues
•Strategies for behavioural change and user adoption for self service

Masterclass E

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Shaping the digital customer journey through journey mapping

In today’s customer age, brands and companies have been reacting to their changing customer behaviours. However, how do you regain the control and anticipate your customers’ next move and position yourselves in customers’ paths as they navigated the decision journey?
•Understanding your digital customers today
•Excelling when competing on customer journeys
•What are the latest technologies and capabilities you can leverage to deliver ground-breaking customer journeys

Masterclass F

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Developing and delivering a high performance culture

Today’s customer contact centres are under great pressure to deliver quality customer support whilst reducing operational costs. Companies, big and small are striving to improve their contact centre performance yet the results are not always satisfactory. This masterclass will provide a practical guide for re-designing your customer contact culture to transform performance and customer experience.
•Realign your metrics to fit your organizational goal: Focusing on quality instead of quantity
•Structure the team with customer centricity
•Obtaining a deeper understanding of your customers
•Redesign the process to remove barriers and give options to your customers
•Turn your revolving doors into red carpets: Rewarding your team!
•Making the change stick: Implement agile tools and let the team manage themselves

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Lunch

Masterclass G

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM Contact Centre Transformation: Creating a climate where people engagement and customer experience thrive every day

Sally Earnshaw, Managing Director, Blue Sky Performance Improvement
Ask 500 leaders to raise their hands if customer experience is on the strategic agenda, 500 hands go up. Ask them to give an example of great customer service in action, 500 stories are shared. But ask them to describe what it takes to get that experience to show up time and time again, then we get a much broader range of responses and potentially a little more head scratching. This masterclass delivers a ‘paint by numbers’ approach to creating a climate where people and customer experience thrive through sharing:
  • Insights on customer experience and people motivation in the new economy
  • Where to focus to deliver touchpoint human experiences that generate customer loyalty
  • Specific examples from best for service organisations
  • The top 9 leader actions of best for service organisations
  • How to create a customer focused coaching culture that delivers on customer experience
  • Why soft skills are now a mere hygiene factor and are not key drives of high customer NPS
  • Some cool science and research on human behaviour that will help you immediately transform your customer experience

Sally Earnshaw

Managing Director
Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Masterclass H

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM Improve work-life balance while enhancing productivity and reducing attrition through home agent working

Michael Gray, Chief Marketing Officer, The UK Contact Centre Forum Michelle Clarke, Department Manager, Reservations, Enterprise Rent-a-Car Darron Burness, Teleworking Operations Manager, AA Road Operations
As organisations cut back on their real estate and operating costs, Contact Centre Homeworking (or HomeAgent working) is an increasingly attractive financial proposition. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Get it right, and organisations are finding that HomeAgent working can enhance performance, lower attrition and absenteeism, improve work-life-balance and significantly build Employee Engagement.
At this Masterclass you will:
•Hear the results of the UKCCF’s 2016 HomeAgent survey (with input from over 400 respondents)
•Discover who make the best homeworkers
•Learn how to recruit and retain homeworkers
•Find out how to effectively manage homeworkers
•Discover what technologies are suitable for contact centre homeworking
•Hear how you can ensure compliance with industry regulations
You will also receive tips and learn first hand from Enterprise Rent-a-Car, the UKCCF’s 2016 HomeAgent Operation of the Year for the London and South East Region, and the AA, the the UKCCF’s 2016 HomeAgent Operation of the Year for the Midlands and Yorkshire Region:
•Hear how the Enterprise Rent-a-Car Reservations Team has successfully grown its homework team from 6 to 165 homeworkers, helping the company achieve a massive growth in retail reservations - with a significant number of customers surveyed reporting that they were 'completely satisfied' with the service.
•Learn from real life examples from AA, the first UK company to embrace modern HomeAgent models nearly two decades ago - plus hear statistical results from its recent HomeAgent survey

Michael Gray

Chief Marketing Officer
The UK Contact Centre Forum

Michelle Clarke

Department Manager, Reservations
Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Darron Burness

Teleworking Operations Manager
AA Road Operations

Masterclass I

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM Changing the landscape of service by employing self service through social channels

•How is crowd sourcing changing the landscape of self service
•Developing communities and forums and allow customers to solve their own question
•Creating loyalty through social channels

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM End of Pre-Conference Masterclasses Day