Main Conference Day One

7:45 AM - 8:30 AM Registration and morning coffee

8:30 AM - 8:40 AM CCIQ and Chairperson’s opening remarks and welcome

8:40 AM - 9:20 AM Customer contact in the digital world: Where physical and digital contact strategies blend for an effortless consumer experience

keith Bohanna, Head of Digital CX, Bank of Ireland
•How your customers are redefining customer contact and what this means for you
•Creating an effortless customer journey through an integrated multi-channel strategy
•Taking a holistic approach to physical and digital channels across voice to web, social and mobile to provide a consistent service delivery and customer experience

keith Bohanna

Head of Digital CX
Bank of Ireland

9:20 AM - 10:00 AM Digitalisation of Deutsche Telekom customer service: Improving customer satisfaction whilst delivering over €300m savings by 2019

Gero Niemeyer, Managing Director of Customer Service, Deutsche Telekom Dominik Bauersch, SVP Customer Service, Deutsche Telekom Kundenservice GmbH
•Designing your digital strategies based on an in-depth understanding of your customers
•Four key areas of DT’s digitalisation strategy to lead in the future
•Case studies in utilizing app, social and IVR channels to improve customer satisfaction
•Robotics and AI: The future is coming

Gero Niemeyer

Managing Director of Customer Service
Deutsche Telekom

Dominik Bauersch

SVP Customer Service
Deutsche Telekom Kundenservice GmbH

10:00 AM - 10:40 AM Keynote Case study: Humanising your service in digital age through employee and customer personalisation and engagement

Tony Granite, Head of Operations - Customer Sales & Service Centres, Marks and Spencer
Remember that nice customer agent you spoke to that helped you to solve your problem instantly? Wondering what he is like as a person? Maybe you would like to buy him a cup of team? With the Marks and Spencer gamification initiatives, these are all possible! With a laser focus on personalised experience as a key differentiator, Tony and his team have developed a set of cool and cutting-edge initiatives to deliver a humanized touch and bond!
•What does personalised service through different channels look like at Marks and Spencer?
•Deliver a personalised experience differently: Gamification projects to bring on the personal touch between customers and agents
•Balancing self service and assisted services through different channels
•What’s the impact on NPS, employee engagement and ultimately the business bottom line?

Tony Granite

Head of Operations - Customer Sales & Service Centres
Marks and Spencer

10:40 AM - 11:20 AM Morning refreshments and networking break in the exhibition hall

Interactive Discussion Group A

11:20 AM - 1:00 PM IDG A Taking a scientific approach to employee engagement and company performance

Mark Pavlides, Director of Customer Service, interim, William Hill
•Understanding the motivations and drivers for different demographic employees
•Leveraging gamification for employee engagement
•How to motivate your Gen Y employees in a fast & effective way

Mark Pavlides

Director of Customer Service, interim
William Hill

Interactive Discussion Group B

11:40 AM - 1:20 PM IDG B Extending your customer contact capability on social media

•Redefining customer care in a social world
•Encouraging two-way communications through social platforms
•Crafting an effective social media customer contact strategy

Interactive Discussion Group C

11:40 AM - 1:20 PM IDG C Best practices in overcoming complexities across regional and global contact centres

•What are the key challenges and complexities for global and regional contact centre operations
•Leveraging automation and advanced technologies to improve global customer delivery quality
•Best practices in engaging agents and customers across different regions
•Deciding the optimal contact centre footprint across a region

Interactive Discussion Group D

11:40 AM - 1:20 PM IDG D Developing an optimal customer operating model: Back to basics

•Addressing the key challenges in developing an optimised customer operating model
•Decision factors for outsourcing vs. in house debate
•Deciding on core metrics and implementing them effectively
•Developing a phased strategy: what will be involved?

Interactive Discussion Group E

11:20 AM - 1:00 PM IDG E Translating customer analytics into customer intelligence

Manu Yegnaraman, Vice-President, Strategic Business Development, Servion
•Driving customer analytics through different channels
•It's not just about data, reports and analysis. It’s what you do with them.
•Testing the customer intelligence driven from customer analytics

Manu Yegnaraman

Vice-President, Strategic Business Development

Interactive Discussion Group F

11:20 AM - 1:00 PM IDG F Raising self service and lowering customer effort

•Leading customers to low-effort self service channels
•Promoting self-service channel stickiness
•Preventing the complaints to take place before they arise

Interactive Discussion Group G

11:20 AM - 1:00 PM IDG G Prioritising and acting on customer complaints

•Why you should prioritise customer complaints
•Effective complaints and escalation management
•Taking a proactive to prevent complaints rather than acting reactively

Interactive Discussion Group H

11:20 AM - 1:00 PM IDG H Speech analytics as a game changer in your contact centre

Chris Rainsforth, Senior Customer Contact Specialist, The Forum
•Making the best use of speech analytics technology?
•Best practice in generating customer insights through speech analytics
•How to measure the ROI of speech analytics?

Chris Rainsforth

Senior Customer Contact Specialist
The Forum

Interactive Discussion Group I

11:20 AM - 1:00 PM IDG I Do’s and don’ts for Virtual Agents for sustained impact

•Is your business suitable for Virtual agents?
•Setting the right expectations on virtual agents?
•How to separate roles between virtual and real agents?

Interactive Discussion Group J

11:20 AM - 1:00 PM IDG J Best practice engagement for talent management

•Designing practical tools for talent engagement
•Driving positive change for transformation and making it stick
•Developing transformative leaders

Interactive Discussion Group K

11:20 AM - 1:00 PM IDG K Turning customer feedback into customer happiness

•Developing a robust VOC framework
•Increasing response rates of customer feedback
•Boosting your business results by converting feedback into positive reviews and revenue

Interactive Discussion Group L

11:20 AM - 1:00 PM IDG L Conversational commerce: Leveraging messaging and chats as a natural channel for service and sales

•Incorporating chat in your current channels: what are the best practices
•Staying in touch with your customers in their natural and familiar environment
•Developing an effective web/app chat strategy for both service and sales

Interactive Discussion Group M

11:20 AM - 1:00 PM IDG M Disrupting your call flow model to improve conversation rate

•How can call flow and routing model impact your conversion and contact centre performance?
•Applying skills-based routing and real time behavioural pattern through artificial intelligence
•Measuring the results to achieve maximum ROI

Interactive Discussion Group N

11:20 AM - 1:00 PM IDG N Is journey mapping just another fad?

Ross Jackson, Vice President, Customer Transformation & Innovation, Mimecast
•Journey maps create a story, what story are you telling your customers?
•Technology vs. sticky notes: what’s the best way to create a journey map?
•How to use journey maps to drive change

Ross Jackson

Vice President, Customer Transformation & Innovation

Interactive Discussion Group O

11:20 AM - 1:00 PM IDG O Apply data science and analytics for the next generation of customer contact

· Are you missing the biggest opportunity to understand your customer better?
· Why the old tricks don’t work anymore
· Enabling business decisions through customer insights

Interactive Discussion Group P

11:20 AM - 1:00 PM IDG P GDPR and its impact on Contact Centres

Nerys Corfield, Director, Injection Consulting
•Getting to the bottom of GDPR and understanding what the actual changes are
•What are the particular impacts on contact centres?
•What are the new opportunities GDPR present?

Nerys Corfield

Injection Consulting

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Networking lunch at the exhibition hall

Multi-Channel CX Transformation & Innovation

2:00 PM - 2:35 PM Case study: Providing a seamlessly connected customer journey through multi-channel contact strategies

Carsten Biel, Vice President, Customer Interactions, airberlin
As you develop a multi-channel contact strategy to engage your customers, a seamless omni-channel approach should be the core of the strategy to provide a single, unified experience for customers across all channels.
•What does an effective multi-channel strategy look like?
•Tying in your current customer journey into the new strategy for a seamless customer experience
•What are the potential challenges and how to proactively tackle them?

Carsten Biel

Vice President, Customer Interactions

Automation, Self Service & Intelligent Customer Contact

2:00 PM - 2:35 PM Best service is no service! Go back to the basics and excel in the moments that matter

•Raising self service by understanding what the customers want
•Focusing on the moments that matter and provide quality experience throughout the customer journey
•Is IVR the necessary Evil, or not? - Pushing the innovation boundaries and predict the customers requirements

Workforce Engagement & Management

2:00 PM - 2:35 PM Case study: Delivering your customer vision through empowered, engaged and incentivised agents

Petra Mengelt, Director, Customer Experience, Euroloan
•How customer expectations have changed in the last 5 years and what does that mean to your contact centre strategies?
•Empowering agents in an outsourced environment: Actionable tactics of motivating the agents that don’t even get a pay check from you
•Creating a development plan and career path for your agents for better retention
•The devil is in the detail: How little things make a big impact?

Petra Mengelt

Director, Customer Experience

Multi-channel CX Transformation & Innovation

2:35 PM - 3:10 PM Case study: Developing true omni-channel capabilities through strong customer and employee engagement programmes

Simon Separghan, MD, Global Contact Centres & Digital Channels, Barclays
Simon leads his team at Barclay’s global contact centres across UK, India & Philippines to achieve true omni-channel customer experience. This session highlights some of their key initiatives and achievements:
•Introducing Barclay’s omni-channel structure across telephony call centres, social, web and mobile channels
•Truly connecting customers and colleagues through
•Defining and developing Colleague of the Future to empower and enable transformation towards omni-channel experience
•How is self-service implemented to enhance customer satisfaction?

Simon Separghan

MD, Global Contact Centres & Digital Channels

Automation, Self Service & Intelligent Customer Contact

2:35 PM - 3:10 PM Case Study: Make it simpler at Moo.com

Dan Moross, Director of Customer Experience, moo.com
Are your customers getting lost on "help island"? Are you piling money and resources into assisted service options like live chat? Find out how MOO reduced inbound contacts by 20% and increased both conversion and average order value with a new self-service strategy to work hand-in-hand with their award winning customer service.
•Prioritise relevant content for your visitors, making it easier for them to do business with you
•Provide rich customer information to your agents, improving their efficiency and personalisation
•Generate customer insight to key stakeholders, helping them to prioritise issues and identify customer impacting problems
•Make it simple for your customers and reap the rewards on both the top and bottom line

Dan Moross

Director of Customer Experience

Workforce Engagement & Management

2:35 PM - 3:10 PM Case study: Developing a high performing culture: Sharing Ingeus’ award winning journey

Ian Gibson, Customer Service Director and Director of Shared Services, Ingeus
When asked what has contributed to the success of their award winning customer contact centre, Ian’s answer is simple yet powerful: a highly engaged team with a high performing culture is absolutely the key. This session will highlight how to achieve this:
•Engaging all team members through a shared vision and aligned strategies
•Produce commitment based teamwork
•Catching positive behaviours and rewarding them
•The leadership role is developing high performing culture

Ian Gibson

Customer Service Director and Director of Shared Services

Multi-channel CX Transformation & Innovation

3:10 PM - 3:40 PM Connecting mobile, social and customer data to create tangible business value and world class customer experience

•Leveraging the social media approach for 2017
•Crafting an effective mobile strategy to boost interactions
•Improving customer segmentation with better insights
•Investing for tangible returns to strike a balance between service and budget

Automation, Self Service & Intelligent Customer Contact

3:10 PM - 3:40 PM Case study: Developing the future customer operating model and empowering your workforce through expanded digital footprints

James Leech, Service Lead, Argos Contact Centres and Customer Services, Argos
•Improving and expanding digital footprints through Virtual assistants, chat bots and messengers
•Setting the right expectations for your customer service bots: What can and can’t they do?
•Consolidating channels and systems to ensure advisors are best equipped for futures operating model: A two-year journey on key initiatives including Single Customer View, IVR, etc.

James Leech

Service Lead, Argos Contact Centres and Customer Services

Workforce Engagement & Management

3:10 PM - 3:40 PM Happy agents equal happy customers. Tools to deliver exceptional customer experience through employee engagement

Ed Creasey, Consulting Director EMEA, NICE
•Creating an engaged culture through leadership accountability
•Fostering a culture of feedback and communication to improve customer satisfaction
•Gathering employee feedback to drive forwards and innovate customer experience
•Implementing rewards to recognise CX culture

Ed Creasey

Consulting Director EMEA

3:40 PM - 4:00 PM CCW solution and technology demonstrations

Technologies are at the heart of customer contact strategies. Here with all cutting-edge technologies under one roof, CCW Europe is making it so much easier for you! This is your chance to follow our roadmap and seek out the solution providers that best meet your current and future technology needs.

4:00 PM - 4:20 PM Afternoon refreshments and networking break in the exhibition hall

Multi-channel CX Transformation & Innovation

4:20 PM - 4:55 PM Panel discussion: Developing digital capabilities internally and externally to ensure successful channel switch and transformation

Adam Quesne, Head of Customer Contact, Leeds City Council Adam Gould, Head of Customer Contact, BPHA Sarah Woodward, Head of Customer Contact Centre, Fossil Group UK
•Developing a holistic approach to understand your customer experience through their perspective: Incorporating Voice of Customer (VOC)
•Utilising digital technology and tools to their fullest
•Bringing your team on board to bring your customers on board: developing internal digital confidence and capabilities
•Implementing continuous improvement for process optimisation during channel transformation

Adam Quesne

Head of Customer Contact
Leeds City Council

Adam Gould

Head of Customer Contact

Sarah Woodward

Head of Customer Contact Centre
Fossil Group UK

Automation, Self Service & Intelligent Customer Contact

4:20 PM - 4:55 PM Innovation Panel: What’s Your Bot Strategy? Stepping up to Conversational Commerce

Matthew Jones, Vice President, Customer Engagement, Life Capital, Swiss Re Joseph Gordon, Head of Contact Centres, HSBC Bank Plc
Customer and contact executives are pressed to define their strategy and tactics for incorporating both Intelligent Assistants and bots. This panel brings the most innovative leaders to share their strategies and tactics.

Matthew Jones

Vice President, Customer Engagement, Life Capital
Swiss Re

Joseph Gordon

Head of Contact Centres
HSBC Bank Plc

Workforce Engagement & Management

4:20 PM - 4:55 PM Panel Discussion: Optimising workforce metrics and performance in an omni-channel environment

Rob Wilson, Customer Experience Transformation Director, Aviva France
Today’s best contact centres re re-evaluating how they measure success to incorporate new areas brought by the new channels. Experts at this session will discuss how the key metrics like CSAT and NPS can be utilised in the multi-channel environment effectively.
•What metrics to use to measure the quality of multichannel customer service?
•Developing the most relevant KPIs for digital channels
•Matching the customer journey with your customer contact metrics

Rob Wilson

Customer Experience Transformation Director
Aviva France

Multi-channel CX Transformation & Innovation

4:55 PM - 5:25 PM Case study: Effectively mapping your customer journey with multi-channel contact points

Olga Quiros, Director, Lodging Support Services GSO, Expedia
•Developing a holistic approach to understanding your customer experience through their perspective
•Identifying gaps that prevent you from providing a personalised experience
•Building actionable business insights through customer journey mapping

Olga Quiros

Director, Lodging Support Services GSO

Automation, Self Service & Intelligent Customer Contact

4:55 PM - 5:25 PM Case study: The rise of the Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA)

Jessica Fleet-Chapman, Operations Manager, Nationwide
•What’s the business case of IVA for bottom line impact?
•The devil lies in the design: Incorporating core customer enquirers and enabling learning of your virtual assistant
•Highlighting challenges and obstacles during implementation
•Looking forward: Integrating AI and customer data to provide more personalised interactions and services

Jessica Fleet-Chapman

Operations Manager

Workforce Engagement & Management

4:55 PM - 5:25 PM Developing an effective multichannel customer contact governance structure

•Breaking down the organisational silo and develop a cross organisational multi-channel customer contact structure with visible endorsement and support by senior management
•Develop clear procedures for a multi-contact customer strategy
•How to allocate investments and resource allocation across all customer contact channels
•Enabling change through a chance of mind-set

5:30 PM - 6:00 PM Thought leadership session: Redefining customer-centricity: The top down view of strategic goals and the roadmap on how to get there

Oke Eleazu, Chief Operating Officer, Bought by Many
We are in a customer revolution where the customer is in charge. The conversation about how to steer your organisation to be more customer-centric never stops. C-level speakers from across different industries are invited to debate on key strategies and a roadmap on how to get there.
•How well do you really understand your customers: Data-driven customer personalisation and prediction
•Becoming channel agnostic: Focus on your customer rather than the contact channel
•Is your organisation set up in a way to provide the best customer experience? If not, how much are you prepared to change?

Oke Eleazu

Chief Operating Officer
Bought by Many

6:10 PM - 7:40 PM Official CCW Expo Reception